About Us

We are a small team based in Hertfordshire, providing ethical, sustainable homeware and products for your everyday life, including bespoke and vintage clothing.

Founded by Hannah, our creator, sewist and designer, as a way to try and make a better world for her daughter Lily to grow up in. Always having been eco-conscious and trying to choose eco-friendly products over alternatives, Hannah never took it much further, until Lily came along.

This led to the realisation that the choices we make now directly impact the kind of world we’re leaving behind. They also teach our children how to treat our beautiful home.


Where did Lily’s Earth begin?  

Lily’s Earth began with Hannah buying a sewing machine and becoming immediately hooked! Starting by making herself small eco-friendly homeware swaps, such as reusable sandwich bags, dish scrubbers and wipes. She soon began to realise there was still one problem with this. 

Buying new materials to sew with such as PUL, polyester thread, other mass-produced fabrics and materials, still meant buying plastic, and sometimes unsustainably produced materials. Although creating more sustainable products was helping to limit single-use items, there was a way to make this more sustainable.

It was then that Hannah started using vintage fabrics, offcuts, deadstock and old unwanted clothing. 

Trawling the internet for remnant or unwanted materials, receiving donated clothing from friends and family, and going on trips to charity shops to source materials. It felt great to give these fabrics new life instead of being sent to landfills and offer sustainable online clothing.

It was during Hannah’s efforts to become more eco-conscious at home that she found several ethically sourced brands she fell in love with. Deciding she wanted to share her love for these small brands her business began to grow. This is when Lily’s Earth eco shop was born!


Creating a more sustainable future

We want Lily’s Earth to be a great place for people looking to make changes and buy sustainably, to get started. From reusable and natural swaps in the bathroom, kitchen, home and garden, to bespoke, unique vintage clothing and upcycled fashion. We hope Lily’s Earth can make a difference, however small, in creating a happier world for Lily, and all of our children, to live in.